Want to join us?

We are always looking for volunteers to help contribute their talents to our unique organization.


To be eligible to hang art in the gallery, you must first:

1. Attend a Coop Meeting
2. Attend New Member Orientation
3. Volunteer 6 hours a month, for 2 months


A $25 suggested monthly donation is encouraged and ensures we can continue to offer premier gallery space at the heart of the Art District on Santa Fe to new and upcoming artists.


Once you hang art, you must continue to volunteer 6 hours every month.

As a non profit co-op gallery,

Our mission is to host a creative community where people of all ages can view, learn, and exhibit local art in all forms. We volunteer to open a public gallery where anyone can show their art without censorship. We also maintain dozens of studios and hold various classes where artists can learn and grow together.


As a 501c3 non profit organization, we rely on the donations of visitors and participants to execute our role as a leader in cultural enrichment of the Denver Metro area. 

Donations are tax deductible and go directly to funding our volunteer run organization.

Please donate today!

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