Studio Artist

Andrew Piper

Years with DAS:



About Andy:

I've been making visual art of one kind or another since childhood. Creating my own James Bond 007 toys, and building, painting and drawing model cars. I practiced some architectural
illustration in middle school, and took a summer workshop in acrylic painting and life-drawing.


But I got my serious start when I was handed a plastic Diana film camera as part of a high-school art class, and learned to develop my own pictures. Photography has been my medium ever since.

I was born in Vermont, and raised in California and Illinois. As an adult, I have travelled a lot for various jobs, living in Chicago, Knoxville, Memphis, Indianapolis, Puerto Rico and Denver. I
have been in Denver since 1993, when I began working for the late, great Rocky Mountain News newspaper.
I've been producing my online photo magazine - ColoradoSeen - intermittently since 2010.

The magazine and DAS take all my available time, so I'm not involved in other communities or projects. I am a member of the National Press Photographers Association.
I am not currently teaching classes, but have some ideas for classes that are under
As a photographer, my work is primarily about the world as it exists in front of my lens. I find endless variety in the real world, and try to capture that without distortion or manipulation - what
you see is what was there. I find places where interesting things will happen - and then let them happen.