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David 2021 - David Grigorian.jpg

David Grigorian

Years with DAS:Since 2021

Role: Studio Member

Pronouns: He

    About David

    I was born hearing impaired on the opposite end of the world, in Armenia. I remember watching my parents’ mouths move, as I observed how the lips moved pronouncing every single letter. I have learned to lip-read. My powerful eyes have enabled me to observe and understand the world where my ears have failed me. However, the silence surrounding me still made me isolated and lonely. I began to withdraw and escape deeper into my inner world.  


    As I was exploring my young universe, I made drawings and sketches of things I saw, slowly becoming an artist and a storyteller. Eleven year later, my family and I mover to Japan where I received my first hearing aids. In the 1995 my family and I moved to USA  To this day my paintings are based on abstract, surreal, fantasy, universe, and the spiritual subject matter and storytelling that I find in my imagination and other worlds.  My current art has a lot of movement, bright and contrasting colors, three dimensional subjects, sense of space, sense of balance, symmetry, light and shadow, depth, perspective,

    and emotions. 


    What is your favorite medium? * Acrylic and digital media




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