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Groglio Art

Role: Studio Artist, Exhibiting Artist

    About Elisa Narizhnaya of Groglio Art

    Where are you from? * New York


    What is your favorite medium? * Acrylic and digital media


    My work is currently on display at Arvada Center. It is a collaborative instillation with two other artists. It is part of the Pink Progression exhibition. It will be on display until November 8th 2020.


    My background is in illustration, which can be seen in my art style no matter what media I am working in.


    I enjoy working in a variety of media and applications, including acrylics, drawing, and graphic applications such as Adobe CS and Procreate.


    I also built my own website in HTML and CSS. WEBSITE


    My work covers a variety of subject matters, with a focus on the emotional qualities through my signature use of line.



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