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Ilya Narizhnyy

Years with DAS: Since 2016

Role: Exhibiting Artist, Treasurer

Gender Pronouns: he and it

    About Ilya

    ​I am obsessed with design, with the power designers have to change the world. I dream to wield that power and achieve greatness by improving the quality of life of all those who interact with my designs. It is difficult for me at this early stage to really understand what my role might be in this future crafted by design, but I can promise it will not be boring. 


    Since I started the industrial design program at MSU Denver, I cannot help but look around and see the good and bad design all around me. From my travels, I have gained great empathy regarding the human condition, and all the good and bad in this world. All of the ingenious solutions and haphazard attempts at the same give me both inspiration and hope for a better future. 


    Designers have a responsibility to create more efficient, sustainable, enjoyable and simply better ways people do every day, ordinary things – for the future of humankind. We have a chance to prosper for millennia to come, but only through good design can we thrive and overcome the many obstacles in our way. 


    I dream of a future where sustainable, affordable, accessible, practical and enjoyable design RULES.

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