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Art Review: Shelly Saville

Alli's Enchanted Eye View

A figure is surrounded by bursts of color in glass sheet-like branches with darker colors towards the lower portion of the canvas and touching areas of the torso and legs. And circular shapes of darker blue.

Shelly's work evokes my emotions in layers that seem to pull one into the painting itself. Each color a shard, each shard a feeling, it leads gently at first towards the next like a dance until we feel more met with the possibility of shared experience for example, the figure holding their head in anguish? Ecstasy? Or passion? The list of possibilities is endless.

Shelly shared with me and I quote “As the painting starts to evolve the Expressionist etherealworlds that I or the viewer can tumble into. What strong emotions are triggered for differentviewers? My thoughts are never organized as is with most artists. Yet there on the canvas....Sometimes....Something powerfully emotive being grasped.....What is it? And I find “lt” isdifferent for every viewer”.

I sincerely believe that Shelly has very much achieved what is an ethereal evocation of emotional connection in her painting as I sit and look at her piece, the connection within the levels and depth with the figure in the colors I am lost and forever grateful for.

Artist: Shelly Saville - Fragments In Time Studio.

Piece : Between Fullness and Emptiness

Dimensions: 20 x 16

Price: $265.00

Medium: mixed

Colours: yellow,orange,reds,blue,dark blue,black.

Subject: nude- abstract.

Words by Alli @enchanted_dichotomy

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