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Messages To DAS CO-OP Members

Dear Members,

The board has been working diligently since our last member meeting to ensure that problems are addressed, voices are heard and that Denver Art Society remains a successful Co-op where people feel welcomed.

Firstly, we would like to recognize Dino Castellano as the Chair of the DAS Board. As the Vice Chair of the Board, Dino will fulfill the remainder of Shay's term as Chair so that this position is not vacant.

The board has begun creating an Incident Committee that will be chaired by Board member, Andy Perry, and will be comprised of 3-5 DAS members in good standing to investigate and resolve any reported incidents and issues including and not limited to those with the board. No board member will vote in this committee unless the committee members votes are tied. In those incidents, the chair of that committee will cast the deciding vote.

We would like all members to feel comfortable and free to report any concerns or misdeeds they feel violate the agreements and spirit of DAS.

Please report any issues or incidents through the following form:

DAS Incident Report Form

The information is collected and emailed to the DAS Incident Committee Chair. YOU MAY REMAIN ANONYMOUS! If you have already submitted a request to a board member in person or via email, we kindly request that you do so again so that we can be sure that all requests were properly received.

Additionally, During our last Co-op meeting it was reported that Dino had a knife pulled on him while at DAS. The initial report did not include the presence of the knife however it was a serious incident. We would like to ensure all members that the individual involved is no longer a DAS member and will not be one in the future and that the safety of all DAS members and patrons is our utmost priority.

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