Member Update

Last Night's Meeting 3/3/21

Thank you to everyone who joined us at last night's Coop meeting. It was a very challenging, productive meeting. The Board has a lot to discuss. Please keep an eye out next week for the March Newsletter.

Posting in the DAS FB Group

If you have an issue, complaint, etc, and feel the need to post about it in the FB Group, please be mature and use constructive criticism. Name calling, hostility, anger, and finger pointing are not helpful. Be respectful and kind. We need to stick together and support each other. This is a completely volunteer-run gallery. We are all trying to do the best we can. Whether you are a long time member or a new member, no one is more important than anyone else.

Board Of Directors

Who is on the Board? Our previous President Shay Robbins resigned a few days ago, and Nadia Sperry has resigned. Current Board members (listed alphabetically by last name): Ashley Allen, Curtis Bergesen, Gem Boehm-Reifenkugel, Meredith Callan, Dino Castellano, Kim Guerrero, Jet Hughes, Crystal MacClain, Peter Murray, Andy Perry, Andrew Piper, Lisa Pordon, Jennifer Willoughby.

Contact the Board Please email us with any questions, comments, concerns, issues: The Board will discuss everything that comes through and we will do our best to address things in a timely manner.

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Much of our last Co-op was spent discussing an incident that happened with Grace Noel. As of today, Grace's repercussions for her actions have been revoked and she is a current member in good standing

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Messages To DAS CO-OP Members Dear Members, The board has been working diligently since our last member meeting to ensure that problems are addressed, voices are heard and that Denver Art Society rema

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