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Role: Studio & Exhibiting Artist, Teaches Landscape Painting and Piano

    About Dechteres Lazidis of Triandafyllia 


    I was born in Athens, Greece, where I started drawing and painting as soon as I could walk and run. Having a rich childhood on both sides of the Atlantic, I enjoyed the freedom to explore the natural world. This made a made a major impact on me, imprinting my self-expression and appreciation for the natural beauty of the world.


    Themes of primal landscapes and trespassed exotica have been a constant passion in my work. Painting gives me insight into the land that exercise its hidden will upon the consciousness of the people. It is this creative process that unifies the sum of one's current experience and intuitive spirituality. To stay focused and fresh, I continually push my limits by experimenting with various mediums and sizes- from miniatures to murals. The obsession of color, as a painter, is my primary focus.

    I currently give painting lessons at Denver Art Society on Wednesdays and Fridays.


    I began music lessons at age five with master pianist Ms. Vasily Zavadsky, for several years. In my teens, I began high school in New York City, where exposure to jazz, blues, rock, and all many other musical forms was a given. By 14, my performances include Carnegie Hall and the Avery Fishcer Hall. I first began to teach at the Music Stop Inc. after school program in Aubrndale NY, building classes to seventy-five students. I have teaching experience with all age groups and skill levels, as well as individuals with disabilities and memory issues. My methods include not only solid formal training, but also inventive methods of creative experimentation. There is nothing I enjoy more than taking an insecure beginner an turning them into the best pianist they can be a few months down the road. Beside a formal foundation, I teach music theory and improvisational skills.

    I am currently looking for a few dedicated piano students. Lessons are held at Denver Art Society on Wednesdays and Fridays.


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