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Faery Wings Forge

Years with DAS:

Cheryl- Since 2014

Erica- Since 2013


Cheryl- Exhibiting Artist, Bookkeeper, Registered Agent with State of Colorado for DAS

Erica- Exhibiting Artist

Gender Pronouns:

Cheryl- she/her/hers

    About Faery Wings Forge

    Faery Wings Forge LLC was founded in 2014 by Micheal Kasson. At the time, the two members were father and daughter Micheal and Erica Kasson. They made jewelry out of silver and other metals, stones, and found objects.


    Micheal was an active member of DAS for six years. He helped in the wiring and construction of the downstairs space for studios. He was a member of the board at the time of his death in May 2019.


    After his death, his wife Cheryl took over his position in Faery Wings Forge. She sews masks, tote bags, and other fabric creations. She serves as a bookkeeper and registered agent with the Colorado Secretary of State for DAS and was formerly a treasurer and member of the board.


    Erica has been active in DAS for seven years and continues to make and sell jewelry and other items.


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