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Grace Noel

Years with DAS: Since Feb 2013

Role: Exhibiting Artist

    About Grace

    Grace Noel has been a member of the Denver Art Society since Feb 2013.  
    She is a founding member of the nonprofit and amongst the top 5 donors.  


    She helped build the Underground studios in winter/spring of 2014 and has helped maintain the program ever since.  

    In addition, Grace was the interim Executive Director of the Denver Art Society for 2017 and has participated/Chaired the membership, maintenance, curation, and events committees. Many of the programs and systems used at Denver Art Society were created by Grace and her teams.

    Grace has been making art since she was very young. She won her first First Place award in art by the age of

    Grace went on to win first place in nearly every art competition she participated in until graduating high school.  In college, Grace started out as a Pre-medical/Biology major and switched to art because she knew it was her true calling.  Grace graduated from Oregon State University with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Painting, Printmaking, and Drawing.  Upon graduation, Grace's art won the Oregon State Provost Award of $1000 and her artwork is on permanent display in the admin building of the university.  

    Grace is a Colorado Native and her family has been in Colorado for 7 generations.  She was born and raised in Boulder, CO and has been living in Denver since 2017. 

    Favorite medium

    Wood panel


    Grace teaches classes in many creative media.  Information can be found on Grace's FaceBook page, website, and newsletter.  Please email or follow her on social media to find out more.

    In addition to being a full time artist, Grace volunteers to manage the Denver Art Society Main Gallery and is there most of the week. She also manages Spectra Art Space, her own studio/gallery, and volunteers as the Event Committee Chair (and Board of Directors member) for Denver's Art District on Santa Fe.  She works one day a week at a llama farm in Boulder doing land restoration and farm chores.

    Grace is a mixed media fine artist and installation artist.  Her paintings are made by burning her drawings into wood, watercolor, acrylic paint, oil paint, encaustic (beeswax), glitter and gold.  She also makes woodblock prints, builds sculptural installations for events like the Underground Music Showcase Odyssey Stage 2019, Ratio Beerworks Genius Wizzard 2019, El Dia De Los Muertos at Museo De Las Americas, and Spectra Art Space's Spookadelia series.  Grace does not have a studio at home so she makes her art on one side of her studio and displays it on the other. She also creates art on recycled surfaces, her Mountain Records series is designed to uplift and make something new/better than before.

    Blessings from,





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