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No Name Art

Role: Studio Artist

    About Lisa

    My art is built on my fascination of people. I often pursue new materials and techniques, but the subject always revolves around different aspects of us. At CU Denver, it was a study of raw human emotions through large, expressive, and abstract portraits. There are’s the years of figure studies through dry and wet mediums. The “Little People” series re-focused my work on people in their surroundings, and “Denver Stories” sought to focus on people through participation. Whether Exploring both intimate or distant, my focus is on people, our relationships, our struggles, society, ourselves. My art aims to be both an exploration of and a service to people.

    Stemming from a background in philosophy, I also look to categorize and define the morality of my art – or why and how I make it. This morality includes both the qualities I seek in my art, and the effects it has on the viewer. The qualities I seek a balance of in my work. These qualities are technical skill, concept, and emotional sincerity. With each piece, I expand on my technical ability, and make conceptual choices over ascetic ones. Emotional sincerity appears in how I treat my materials and inclusions of imperfect marks.


    The art process, for me, does not stop when the paint dries. The effects of my art in society are just as important as the materials and qualities of a piece. This practice is prevalent in my works that explore both community created and community eroded pieces, Gallery Gigantica, collaborative shows, and endeavors to create non-capitalist forms of creative exchanges. I aim My objective is to make and present art that challenges, and hopefully elicits social change towards a post-exploitative society.

    Website: Dead Name Art (

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