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Peter Murray

    About Peter

    Next time you visit the gallery, head downstairs to the Underground Studios and say hello!

    I was born in Maryland, just outside of Washington, DC. While I mostly grew up there (it is the short answer to, "where are you from?"), my father was in the Navy, so we moved around, a lot. Growing up all over the world allowed me to experience many different cultures, and have a much wider world view.

    My first experience in creating art was through a friend of my mother's, who is an artist and was teaching art lessons. It turned out that I was pretty good at it, and I was encouraged to do more art. By the time I got to high school, I began taking art classes at the local Junior College to supplement he more basic classes my high school had available. Eventually, I went on to graduate from the Pratt Institute in 2004.

    I have been creating art in bursts ever since. I really began to take my work more seriously in 2014, when a friend suggested I answer a call for artists. After being juried into my first group show, I showed my work in several other galleries in Northern California. After relocating to Denver, Colorado in 2016, I joined the Denver Art Society, where I currently have a studio to produce my art.



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