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A Pareidolia Art Class Experience, Flow State Friday!

Pareidolia: A psychological phenomenon that causes people to see patterns (faces) in random or ambiguous visuals. Every 4th Friday at Denver Art Society - check out the class schedule >>> Denver Art Society Cooperative: classes, events, and meetups Events

I'm Currently striving to send people into the Healing Flow State I Love So Dearly. The Pareidolia Flow State, I wouldn’t be alive without it— where you don’t think about something—thoughts come to you. Where realizations are illuminated and the space for healing begins to grow…

I have created an art technique that explores this phenomenon. In this class, you will choose from several pareidolia prints in which you see a face or animal, then pick from an array of paint pens, markers and colored pencils to color, draw and bring to life the creatures you see!

Pareidolia has been a monumental part of my life as an artist for twenty years. For ten years I shared this technique at a homeless shelter for kids in NY. It was beautiful to share this artistry and to see the positive benefits.

I recognize many people do not have a creative outlet. I have created this class to continue to put forward the happiness and healing this technique brings to me.

Also psychedelic music is a huge part of my flow state process. I’m curating a mellow trippy playlist for this class. The gallery has an amazing sound system and I will set up tables on the main floor near and around the stage. Also, tables further away for sound sensitive people.

⭐️Disabled folks can bring their care giver for free! An additional discount will be available for Veterans, EMS workers, Teachers, Medical Professionals and DAS Members 🤗

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