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Art and Emotion: JW Rankin Paints Birds & More

I joined Denver Art Society around 4 years ago….my son replaced a window in the front of DAS and told me about the gallery and a guy named Jet…..I have since met Jet and he is a great guy…

My first impression of DAS was that there was a number of great artists there and everyone was welcoming and non judgmental, it’s still that way. I feel like everyone’s grandpa. What a pleasure to be associated with such a diverse and talented group of people! My wife Bunny was able to join shortly after me and feels the same. She does jewelry…

I was in the Navy Submarine Service and a Vietnam veteran, I spent my working career in mechanical and piping engineering working on jobs all over the world. Always loved drawing and painting. After retirement I purchased an easel at a garage sale and just started painting, and I really enjoy it. My birds seem to bring a smile to people's faces and that is why I continue to paint. If art can bring forth an emotion in people I feel that you are doing good art.

I am learning my craft and feel that I always learn something new from the members at’s a great place!

A special Thanks to those volunteers on the board past and present, you all have done and do a very good job keeping the place going.

- JWRankin @jwrankinartist

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