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Art Review: Avi benEzra

This work by Avi benEzra @benezra_avi is inspired by the many workers who support our lifestyle. In the wake of the coronavirus, it is impossible for us to repay those grocery workers and healthcare workers who worked endlessly in the beginning of the pandemic and continue to take on the unknown risks to uphold our luxuries and necessities alike.

Avi shared with me that this is his first attempt at people in his work with steel. The symbolism in his work is constant and the motivation behind this piece as a way to pay homage to the people who were up frontline during the pandemic is evident. Motivated by what is happening in the world, this piece depicts what was happening during this time when jobs were crucial and many of those workers felt underappreciated and underpaid. Being an artist since he was very young he is inspired by nature, political events and the world around him, he studied welding at Emily Griffith and graduated in 2018, he continues to learn from people he admires like Youtube artist Daniel Radulescu.

Walk around the Denver Art Society and you will be guaranteed to run into something that is made by Avi, all the elephants, snails, Spears, sculptures large and small, symbols of all varieties!

Avi shared Immense gratitude for DAS and the sense of community that he gets from being a member there and how it creates such an inviting space each and every day. He definitely has that right!

Artist: Avi benEzra Piece: Essential Workers Price: $500.00 Medium: Recycled and new Steel Colours: NA Subject: Essential workers Description: 12 inch steel , two figures holding up seven small steel circles in a variety of sizes - Bare Essentials, 2020…

Words by Alli @enchanted_dichotomy

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