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Art Review: Jon Ansted: Nature Reclaimed

A cement orb with a tall cactus inside resting on a small block of cement.

Nature's Reclaimed envisions the future utopia of renewal and reclamation using mediums of concrete, soil and plant life. Jon @natureclaimed loves plants and concrete, mix the two together and he has created a passion. Living in the city allows me to have endless things to create - fortunately cement is easy to come by, plant life and a keen eye for design and raw materials combine the two together.

Using Cacti- is a lovely choice because if I forget to water it will be OK. It is self-sufficient for a few weeks, Jon said, which is really nice because self watering items are helpful these days!

I enjoy seeing the concrete mixed with plant life and the rebar peeking through with glints of rust of fantastic beauty - works mixed with levels and shapes, there is literally something for everyone and any home. "Concrete is the poor man’s medium."

Artist: Jon Ansted Piece: Concrete Orb with Cacti- Self watering base Price: $65

Words by Alli @enchanted_dichotomy

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