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Art Review: Nicole Kelln

Alli's Enchanted Eye View | DAS by DAS Art Review

Artist: Nicole Kelln Piece: The Mountains are Calling Dimensions: 11x 14 inch framed Price: $150.00 Medium: oil on canvas Colours: white, blue, grey, black, green and yellow. Subject: mountain range and a road. Description: A winding road leading to a mountain range with an overcast sky with beautiful trees on either side with bursts of blue sky between the clouds.

I had the opportunity to sit down and speak with Nicole last week and was delighted to understand her journey or at least part of it from her studies to her current job as an art teacher and what led her to join the Denver Art’s Society. I’m so grateful to Covid, which might sound very strange, however if it wasn’t for Covid it sounds like Nicole may not have gone back to picking up her paintbrushes and if that wouldn’t have happened then maybe she wouldn’t be currently teaching those kiddos about art, and she most definitely wouldn’t be here with us at DAS.

Nicole really enjoys painting with oil and watercolor she shared with me how she tends to have three or four pieces going at the same time in order to keep herself busy and obviously with the time that it takes for oil pieces to dry it makes sense that having several pieces going at the same time can keep her flow going.

Personally, I was drawn into Nicole’s work by the power of the mountain range and my desire to know where the road led. I felt that I wanted to travel and wander down the road through the trees to know where I was going to end up. I am always fascinated by the mountains and while I looked at Nicole‘s work and wondered where I would land and what piece would draw me in- I kept ending up on this piece, I wanted to know where I was going to be, when I asked Nicole to describe what this piece meant to her and why she painted it I still had to tell my story behind it, I’m greedy that way. I decided I would go on my own adventure in my mind, in my mind I can tell myself stories, where the clouds are and where I will end up I think that’s the beauty of this piece one can take their own road trip and travel and imagine where they’re going to be, you could have the highway, the road, the bike trip and the adventure all in the beauty of an oil painting.

Nicole’s Reason for painting it was after going on a 21 mile bike ride with her mother and father-in-law to Marron bells in Aspen and she was trying to keep up, but also enjoying the scenery.

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