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DAS by DAS: Alli's Enchanted Eye View

DAS by DAS! One of our artists shares their feelings about another artist's work...

"Jamie @jamiestoverart seems to have an ability to create with her eyes something that is appealing to those of all ages, and I have to admit I kinda wanted to eat it too! She has found a way to make movement through polymer clay and bring the clay alive to make snakes that she wasn’t even aware she could create simply by being asked to make a cake topper for a neighbor's child, something that she wouldn’t have jumped at the chance at on her own since she wasn’t even a big fan of snakes to begin with.

Made with blue, green, red and yellow it’s easy enough to imagine it slithering across the display case with its black eyes staring up at you. Jamie doesn’t make these snakes much anymore; they are an endangered species ~ she is busy working on stained glass projects which take time. As a stay-at-home Mom, she doesn’t get much time to do art so it’s late night art for Jamie, art is her well-being she said, 'art is nutrition for the soul'."

Artist: Jamie Stover

Title: Snake

Medium: Polymer Clay and Swarovski crystals

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