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DAS by DAS: Greg Sonnenberg

Alli's Enchanted Eye View on Greg Sonnenberg

"I’ve always been drawn to this piece. I imagine sailing away on it in my mind very easily, the colors are vibrant oranges and yellows with green and red neon - I enjoy the way the piece is hung, it grabs the illusion of movement and flight. Greg mentioned the song "Dream Weaver" by Gary Wright, the psychedelic fantasy to dream and experience new adventures and leave this world behind at least for a while!

I feel like looking at art like Greg’s “Sail Away” can take us to a place for sure. I definitely see all the 3D art sailing around the gallery when the lights are off and the locks are clicked shut until the the first sleepy artists show up in the morning and the art calmly takes its place again- I mean its gotta mess with us a little bit though right, until it finds its forever home at least!"

Artist: Greg Sonnenberg Title: Sail Away Dimensions: 48” H x 38" W x 44" Long Medium: Bamboo dowels and canvas Location: DAS, Black Light Room

Words by Alli @enchanted_dichotomy

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