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DAS by DAS: Gwen Joy

Alli's Enchanted Eye View:

Pastel colors of orange, green and yellow with muted browns and a female figure with brown short hair and a dark green shirt. Gwen Joy @gwenjoy3 self describes as an artist whose style is outside brut and specializes in colorful folk art painting within a primitive style - raw emotionally and mature in nature. Gwen's piece whether she intended to or not nudged me to the eloquence of a Modigliani's type long neck combined with her own striking style inflicted a haunting sense of time lost, of music played out and an era gone. All etched in this model who has a look as she sits backstage waiting. Talking to who? I can’t help feeling sadness for her. Perhaps what Gwen Joy has captured in the model's eyes is a time capsule of missed opportunities and friendships lost or broken promises, either way, this model’s look says so much to me! She’s powerful.

Artist: Gwen Joy Piece: A Model Backstage Talking about Bow wow wow Price: $ 95 Dimensions: 10x15 Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Words by Alli @enchanted_dichotomy

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