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DAS by DAS! One of our artists shares their feelings about another artist's work...

"I love how Nate @nate.compton has captured a lot of movement in this piece, also dream like movement, they speak to using nightmare- que approach in their work sometimes and I can see glimpses of that in this piece especially with the colour pallet and ominous clouds showing themselves in the darkening skies and in the discoloration of the earth in each corner.

Beauty that lives inside the dark- “nightmares and dreams are the same thing” that’s what he speaks to in his bio. I like the imagery in this photograph, the way that the movement in the fabric is moving in the wind, it feels like the image of the person and the fabric become one. There Is a coolness to the blues and the earth tones in the piece, it’s very calming to me, the colors and the movement of the figure look like they are dancing, they seem to come alive within the piece while they pretend to be the wind."

Artist: Nate Compton Title: To Pretend To Be The Wind. Dimensions: 12x18 Medium: photography on canvas

Words by Alli Broderick @enchanted_dichotomy

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