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Studio Artist: Grace Noel

Photo 1: Artist Grace Noel became a member of the Denver Art Society (DAS) in Feb 2013. Grace’s Art has grown alongside DAS for 10 years. As a seventh generation Colorado native, Grace’s artwork and color pallet is inspired by the four elements that connect us all. Photo by: Cee Martinez

Photo 2: You can visit Grace in her studio in the DAS Underground. Grace helped build the Underground Studios from Mar - Jul 2014. Grace moved into and opened her studio in time for the July 2014 First Friday. Since then, she installed all of the lighting and electrical, in addition to painting and maintaining her studio space. Photo by: Devi Stone Photo

Photo 3: Grace mainly works from her DAS studio where she also displays her artwork. Also, Grace offers classes for art students of all ages! You can find out more about Grace’s classes, projects, and art through her website: Photo by: Cee Martinez

Photo 4: Artist statement by Grace Noel

Grace Noel Art

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