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Elizabeth Crocker: Abstract Artist

I know from Liz Crocker's @ecrocker05 work there’s so much texture in the colours, this particular piece I feel like there’s dancers joining together and whatever piece of music they’re enjoying call’s you in to want to join the party. The array of Colours that Liz has chosen also brings joy and movement; the string and the colors coordinate together to create a symphony.

Liz has been painting with acrylics for around 20 years and studied at Tarleton state university in Texas. During the day she works as a registered nurse and loves helping people. When she’s working as an artist her main goal is to use bright colors and paint in a non-objective way with lots of movement, circular lines and shapes. Her hope is that when someone looks at her paintings that they are able to forget about stress in the day to day and see whatever they need to see in her paintings to generate happiness. She uses cotton string on her canvases and the laying down of the string determines the shapes of what will occur on the canvas, and then she fills the paint in and creates the contrast as a unifying piece of art. One of the goals of her work is to have a viewer's experience that is something different from each other. Often Liz makes her own frames and at times she will also buy them at thrift stores she also enjoys using watercolor and other techniques as well. Liz love’s to help people and recognizes that life can be challenging. She has been with DAS for about a year and recently joined the board, she would like her art to create joy, I for one would say mission accomplished.

Artist: Elizabeth Crocker Piece: Festivus Price: $ 185.00 Medium: Acrylics String. Colours: Yellow, purple,black,green,white and brown. Subject: Abstract Description: Burst of Colours and abstract shapes with splattered paint and string.

Words by Alli @enchanted_dichotomy

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